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Blue Buick in Havana

I found this classic Buick taxi while walking among the cobbelstone streets of Old Havana. You can’t walk a block in Havana without encountering a classic car of some sort. There are thousands scattered all over Cuba.

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The Orpheum Theatre

Who remembers walking down Broadway in downtown Los Angeles back in the 80’s or 90’s? Yea, it was a pretty sketchy place. Even more if you were out after dark. But now you can walk around DTLA late at night and encounter hipsters walking their dogs or out for a coffee. You also get to admire […]

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Land’s End Lookout

I was in San Francisco last Thanksgiving and went on a hike with the family to this picturesque trail. You’ll see some lovely views of the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. And did you know there are actual ruins in San Francisco? Yep! They are called the Sutra Baths and you’ll find them here. But […]

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View from the Balcony

Had a great time this past weekend at Night On Broadway in DTLA. The historic theaters along Broadway opened their doors to the public and offered free entertainment (drinks extra). I took upon the opportunity to capture photos of these rarely seen venues. This is the opulent LA Theatre where Charlie Chaplin would premier his movies […]

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