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La Catedral de Oaxaca

There is nothing quite like the captivating colors, sounds, and aromas of Oaxaca. When you travel here, it feels like being in a whole different country within Mexico. To start off, Oaxacan cuisine is quite different from other regions of Mexico. When was the last time you went into a Mexican restaurant and saw these on […]

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Havana Malecon

I was up pretty early to catch the sunrise along the famed malecon (seawall) of Havana. I rose about an hour before dawn and made my way along the malecon while the waves crashed mightily against the rocks.  After I finished taking photos of the sunrise I turned to leave and loved the scene that […]

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La Torre de Chapultepec

I previously posted about the castle that sits up on a hill in the middle of Mexico City. Among the many attractions of Chapultepec Castle are the lovely gardens in one of the open patios. This is the tower that at one time served as an observatory and also a lookout point for invading armies. […]

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The Accordion Player and his Wife

One of the sad aspects of traveling is coming face to face with the poverty in many regions of the world and the people who live with it on a daily basis. I recall one night in a subway in Paris where a beautiful sad voice was echoing through the underground tunnels. As I kept […]

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The Barren Redwood

The redwood trees in Northern California are so immense they will make you dizzy if you stare at them to long. If you have ever walked around New York City while looking up at the skyscrapers, it’s pretty much the same feeling. And there are probably more Redwood trees here than there are skyscrapers in […]

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The Majesty of Teotihuacán

Centuries before the Aztecs ruled Mexico at Tenochtitlan, there was another ancient city that rose up with temples and pyramids that extended to the stars. The grand city of Teotihuacán emerged on the outskirts of what is now Mexico City beginning in the 1st Century AD and reaching its peak in the 7th Century AD. […]

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