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Akumal Sunrise on the Rocks

On my recent visit to Akumal in the Mayan Riviera, I would wake up before sunrise every day to try and get a nice shot. I was not having very much luck as most days it was either raining or very hazy. It wasn’t until my final day when all the elements finally came together […]

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The Blues of Yalku-ito Bay

Being that today is Mexican Independence Day, I know many of my friends will be celebrating with tequila, mariachis, and lots of good food. But when I think of México, this is what I picture. Lounging in the blue, Caribbean waters of Yalku-ito Bay in the Mayan Riviera. There is no place I would rather […]

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The Girl from Akumal

One of the prettiest beaches you will find is in Akumal, México. Last time I was there I encountered this beauty enjoying the clear blue waters. I was taking pics of the boats and she kept walking into my shot. Hmmm, maybe she was trying to tell me something… Click photo for a big surprise

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A Stroll Through Akumal

Some people practice meditation to help them find clarity in their life while others attend a temple or church once a week to find peace and be with their God. Me? I prefer to take a walk on a pretty beach somewhere while listening to some mellow tunes on my iPod with the sound of […]

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Akumal Beauties

I was hanging out in the spectacular beaches of Akumal in the Mayan Riviera recently when these two lovely Argentinian girls passed by. I was busy taking photos of the clear blue Carribean waters and they were trying to take photos of themselves with their phone. Normally, people see me with all the camera gear […]

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