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Step Through the Arch into Paradise

A handmade arch made from dried tree branches welcomes all to this fabulous beach way down in Sian Ka’an, México. This little spot is in a remote part of the country with no electricity, no paved roads and the occasional jaguar still roaming around. I actually prefer that over a crowded, tourist packed beach with […]

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Akumal Sunrise on the Rocks

On my recent visit to Akumal in the Mayan Riviera, I would wake up before sunrise every day to try and get a nice shot. I was not having very much luck as most days it was either raining or very hazy. It wasn’t until my final day when all the elements finally came together […]

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The Blues of Yalku-ito Bay

Being that today is Mexican Independence Day, I know many of my friends will be celebrating with tequila, mariachis, and lots of good food. But when I think of México, this is what I picture. Lounging in the blue, Caribbean waters of Yalku-ito Bay in the Mayan Riviera. There is no place I would rather […]

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The Girl from Akumal

One of the prettiest beaches you will find is in Akumal, México. Last time I was there I encountered this beauty enjoying the clear blue waters. I was taking pics of the boats and she kept walking into my shot. Hmmm, maybe she was trying to tell me something… Click photo for a big surprise

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