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Welcome to Monte Alban

High above the valley of Oaxaca lies the ancient city of the Zapotec civilization – Monte Alban. Arqueologists believe that it was founded around 500BC but it was abandoned by the time the Spaniards arrived. All that was left was this magnificent city and its temples. Mexico, Central America, and South America have so many […]

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El Arbol del Tule

About 10km East of Oaxaca is the little town of Santa Maria del Tule. On the grounds of the local church is a 2,000 year old tree that has generated many legends. Known as the “Arbol del Tule”, the Zapotecs believe that it was originally planted by the Aztec god of rain. It measures an […]

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La Catedral de Oaxaca

There is nothing quite like the captivating colors, sounds, and aromas of Oaxaca. When you travel here, it feels like being in a whole different country within Mexico. To start off, Oaxacan cuisine is quite different from other regions of Mexico. When was the last time you went into a Mexican restaurant and saw these on […]

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The Accordion Player and his Wife

One of the sad aspects of traveling is coming face to face with the poverty in many regions of the world and the people who live with it on a daily basis. I recall one night in a subway in Paris where a beautiful sad voice was echoing through the underground tunnels. As I kept […]

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Una Noche Azul en Oaxaca

When you visit Oaxaca, you will find a city brimming with activity. On a typical Sunday evening, the locals are out with their families, street vendors are out selling their wares, and tourists walk around dazed from all the sights, sounds and aromas. Most of the activity is centered around this old section of the city. […]

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