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Viñales Family Farm

Along the country road outside Viñales, I came across this farm situated in between two mogotes. These limestone hills are lush with vegetation and tower over the valley. This is one of my favorite destinations in Cuba. The people are nice, the food is great and the photo opportunities are endless.

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The Farmer from Viñales

It was my first day in Viñales, Cuba and the first thing I did was to rent a bike and go for a ride in the countryside. This is the heart of tobacco country and you will see lush farms everywhere. They also grow sugar cane and coffee. Add in some classic 50’s American cars […]

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The Tobacco Farmhouse

When I visited the tobacco farmlands of Viñales, I never realized I would get such an education. After the tobacco is picked, it is brought to these special tobacco houses. This is where tobacco leaves are tied into bunches and hung out to dry for about 30-40 days as part of the process prior to […]

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Los Mogotes de Viñales

These dome-shaped limestone hills, known as Mogotes, are located in the Cuban countryside within the province of Pinar del Rio. In order to find this spot for a photo shoot, you need to either hitchhike, walk, or bike about 3 km outside of the town of Viñales. When you see a sign off the road […]

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