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Impending Storm over Trinidad

I had just got off the bus in Trinidad, Cuba and the storm clouds were already starting to form. It’s such a quaint colonial town so I went out exploring before the rain fell. I was trying to get access to the rooftops of some of the buildings but most of them were undergoing repairs. […]

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Classic Chevy Sleeping Dog

When I am out taking photos, I normally avoid shooting during the noon hours since the light is usually not the most ideal for good photography. But on this particular day, I ignored my own rules and was out shooting in the afternoon when I came upon this perfect photo opportunity. I had been walking […]

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The Sun Rises Over La Habana

I had heard prior to my arrival in La Habana that the waves had been crashing onto the Malecón (seawall) with much more force than usual. So naturally, on my first day in the city, I awoke before dawn to trek out along the 8 km long Malecón looking for some good photo opportunities. Sure […]

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