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The Barren Redwood

The redwood trees in Northern California are so immense they will make you dizzy if you stare at them to long. If you have ever walked around New York City while looking up at the skyscrapers, it’s pretty much the same feeling. And there are probably more Redwood trees here than there are skyscrapers in […]

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Road to the Redwoods

Want to go for an epic drive? Then hop into your Prius and head on over to the Redwood forest of Humboldt County in California. Near the town of Fortuna exit onto Rt. 254, otherwise known as the Avenue of the Giants. This scenic 31 mile drive will wind through some of the most impressive […]

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Mama Bear and Flapjack

I love hiking. It’s healthy, adventurous, and you get to discover the wonderful sights found in nature. Like this place up in the Redwood forest. It is a little roadside attraction named the Trees of Mystery. As you drive along the 101 FWY near Klamath, you’ll see a gigantic 50 ft. statue of Paul Bunyan […]

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The Fallen Giant

It is hard to comprehend how big the Redwood forest trees are if you have never been there. As you walk around, it is amazing to see the magnitude of these giant trees that have been here for 100’s of years. Most grow to over 300 ft. and some have even been around for over […]

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Where the Wild Things Weren’t

Here is another one of my most recommended places to visit. As you drive up to Northern California into the Redwood forests of Humboldt County you can pull over pretty much anywhere, go for a hike, and experience some amazing scenery. And if you are lucky you might run into some of the native species […]

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Hiding in the Redwoods

There is a nice little college town up in Northern California named Arcata. On one side of town is a bay but on the other side are thousands of acres of Redwood forest. In the winter, the mountains get packed with snow that melt in the spring and fill their rivers and streams with some […]

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