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Mama Bear and Flapjack

I love hiking. It’s healthy, adventurous, and you get to discover the wonderful sights found in nature. Like this place up in the Redwood forest. It is a little roadside attraction named the Trees of Mystery. As you drive along the 101 FWY near Klamath, you’ll see a gigantic 50 ft. statue of Paul Bunyan […]

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The Fallen Giant

It is hard to comprehend how big the Redwood forest trees are if you have never been there. As you walk around, it is amazing to see the magnitude of these giant trees that have been here for 100’s of years. Most grow to over 300 ft. and some have even been around for over […]

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City Night Lights at the Disney Hall

What are the best cities to explore after dark?  I know Paris has a well deserved reputation as the city of lights, but there is always room for others on the list. In downtown Los Angeles, there has been a big revitalization going on in the last 5-10 years.  I remember a time as recently […]

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El Matador

Southern California has many popular beaches with cool names like Oceanside, Newport, and Venice. Then there is this little slice of beach up in Malibu named Matador (Killer). I wonder why someone would give it that name? Maybe it’s because the steep hike to and from will leave you gasping for air. Or it could […]

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Midnight Drive

It’s tough to get a good photo of the Los Angeles skyline when no one will allow you in any of the buildings. I was trying to get access after work hours to a rooftop at some of the downtown buildings but was not having any luck. Unless you work in a particular building or […]

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