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Corona del Mar Beach Sunset

There was some lovely pink cotton candy clouds as the sun began to set over Little Corona Beach. Man, I am cursed. For as long as I remember, I have always longed to live on the beach. Problem is, living on the beach is mighty expensive. I have been fortunate to live in some beautiful beach towns and now […]

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Disney Hall on Grand

I had a great time hanging out with a bunch of photographer friends I have met through Instagram. We just kind of hung out and went around shooting in Downtown LA after dark. Are you on Instagram? It is my favorite social network. I actually publish some images on Instagram before I publish them here. […]

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Grand Avenue Skyscrapers

I know the LA skyline doesn’t get as much love as the skyscrapers of NY but I never tire of photographing them. And it is currently undergoing a massive transformation. I still remember as recently as 10 years ago how different it was. Now there are all these fancy new skyscrapers being built all over […]

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La Jolla Sunset on the Rocks

This is one of my favorite California beaches. If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy a California sunset, you can’t go wrong with La Jolla. The waves come thundering in and crash against the rocks while you enjoy the warm hues of the setting sun. This group of guys were standing on […]

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The OneTen Skyline

If you ever want to see the crazy LA traffic up close and personal, head to downtown. This is the 4th Street overpass with the OneTen freeway running below. While it’s technically the OneHundredTen (110) freeway, in California we never refer to them by their actual numerical name. That is why the FourHundredFive (405) is […]

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The Barren Redwood

The redwood trees in Northern California are so immense they will make you dizzy if you stare at them to long. If you have ever walked around New York City while looking up at the skyscrapers, it’s pretty much the same feeling. And there are probably more Redwood trees here than there are skyscrapers in […]

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