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Havana Boy Playing Baseball

I am so excited that baseball season has finally begun. I practically grew up playing baseball on the streets with my friends. Just like this little fella who I stumbled upon in the streets of Old Havana. That’s one thing I can appreciate about Cubans. They are as passionate about baseball as I am. Play […]

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Welcome to Monte Alban

High above the valley of Oaxaca lies the ancient city of the Zapotec civilization – Monte Alban. Arqueologists believe that it was founded around 500BC but it was abandoned by the time the Spaniards arrived. All that was left was this magnificent city and its temples. Mexico, Central America, and South America have so many […]

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Capitolio de La Habana

The Capital building of Havana towers over the nearby streets and residential buildings. It was modeled after the US Capitol and was the center of government from its construction in 1928 until the Cuban revolution of 1959. Since then it has been used as the Ministry of Science and Technology. Although, I have to admit […]

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Classic Cars Cruising in Havana

No, I did not travel back in time to 1955 to get this shot. Truth is, you can probably witness this scene pretty much every day in Havana. These classic cars are in pristine condition and being driven everywhere. I actually think you will find them in much better condition in the smaller towns outside […]

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