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Akumal Beauties

I was hanging out in the spectacular beaches of Akumal in the Mayan Riviera recently when these two lovely Argentinian girls passed by. I was busy taking photos of the clear blue Carribean waters and they were trying to take photos of themselves with their phone. Normally, people see me with all the camera gear […]

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Akumal Bay in the Shade

Here is another photo from lovely Akumal bay in the Rivera Maya, Mexico. This is one of those lazy beaches where you can just pick out a palm tree and lay underneath it all day while being serenaded by the gentle waves. On this day, I walked around the whole bay stopping only to take […]

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A Palapa in Bacalar

Have you ever heard of Laguna Bacalar? Not many people have. As you drive south along the lone highway in the Mayan Riviera, you’ll come across this small community situated on a beautiful lagoon. It is the second largest fresh water lake in Mexico but gets very few crowds. The locals also call it the lagoon […]

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Akumal Night Blues

I have posted many photos of the crystal blue waters in Akumal taken during the day. Here is a shot at night. I was hanging out with a friend and had been taking photos most of the afternoon. My buddy finally convinced me to stop shooting and join him for a beer and dinner at […]

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Blue Waters of Akumal

I have posted a few Akumal photos before. Well here is another one for you to enjoy. Next time you need to reach me, I’ll probably be lounging out on one of those boats, enjoying a cold cerveza and prepping my dinner that I caught early that morning. I especially love eating “pescado a la plancha” […]

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Cloudy Sky over Manila Dunes

I love all types of beaches. There is the calm Caribbean type with the clear blue waters where you just want to lounge around with a cold beverage in your hand. And then there those that are constantly in motion and Poseidon invites you in to challenge the powerful waves.  Then there is this type […]

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