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Where the Wild Things Weren’t

Here is another one of my most recommended places to visit. As you drive up to Northern California into the Redwood forests of Humboldt County you can pull over pretty much anywhere, go for a hike, and experience some amazing scenery. And if you are lucky you might run into some of the native species […]

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The Griffith Night

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the Griffith Observatory and recommend it to everyone. Not only is it the best place to get a panoramic view of Los Angeles, it’s also very friendly to photographers. Whenever I am traveling and go out to shoot photographs, I always have to watch out for the tripod […]

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A View from the Hood

Anyone who has ever lived in Los Angeles can tell you how parts of the city transform every ten years or so. I found this street up on a hill in a residential neighborhood near downtown. I was trying to take a photo of the skyline from the street but the fence was blocking my […]

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Daniela in the Water

Whenever I see a boat out on the water, I always check to see what the owner has named it. I always wonder who they named their boat after. Like this boat I found way down on the Mexican Caribbean in a little village named Paamul. I wonder who Daniela is? Maybe she was a […]

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The Roosevelt at Night

There is a big difference between exploring a city during the day and again late at night. You suddenly see things at night that you would never expect to see during the day. In downtown Los Angeles, driving during the day can be a maddening experience with all the traffic and noise. But once the […]

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Thunder Clouds in Santa Monica

Many people complain about living in Southern California, but I prefer to look at the positives. Yea, the traffic sucks, there are not enough open spaces, real estate is expensive, and the traffic sucks. But then you get a glorious sunset pretty much every night which can help you forget all the bad stuff. Now, a […]

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The Majestic Grand Canyon

Majestic….there really is no other word to describe the Grand Canyon is there? Maybe they should just change the name to The Majestic Canyon. Much more poetic. Even after seeing numerous photos and postcards, it is still mesmerizing when you first lay eyes upon it. As you stand there admiring it all, you wonder if […]

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