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Step into Paradise

Imagine stepping out of your back yard and this is your view? I would just throw up a hammock between these two palm trees, pop open a bottle of vino, and call it a day. Up and down the Mayan Riviera you can find numerous little towns with views just like this one. This happens […]

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Blue Night at Hotel Inglaterra

I could walk the streets of Havana all day long. The sights, sounds, and colors are unlike any other place I have been to. If you are a music lover, you can’t go wrong with going for a stroll in the city. Wherever you go, you are bound to hear some great music emanating from […]

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Playacar Sunset

Over the last five years, I have lived on and off in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s one of my favorite places on earth and this has been my neighborhood the whole time. This quiet little beach is very tranquil and away from the crowds. Whenever I’m far away, I get pretty nostalgic and can’t […]

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Mama Bear and Flapjack

I love hiking. It’s healthy, adventurous, and you get to discover the wonderful sights found in nature. Like this place up in the Redwood forest. It is a little roadside attraction named the Trees of Mystery. As you drive along the 101 FWY near Klamath, you’ll see a gigantic 50 ft. statue of Paul Bunyan […]

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El Castillo de Tulum

The most impressive of the ruins in Tulum has to be El Castillo (The Castle). This is where the Mayan king would hold court over the most important civil and religious ceremonies. It sits atop a cliff facing out to the Caribbean and looks very imposing from land and from sea. At one time this […]

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Impending Storm over Trinidad

I had just got off the bus in Trinidad, Cuba and the storm clouds were already starting to form. It’s such a quaint colonial town so I went out exploring before the rain fell. I was trying to get access to the rooftops of some of the buildings but most of them were undergoing repairs. […]

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Worshiping the Sun God

Turns out it’s not just the Mayans who worshipped the sun, so did the iguanas. They still do…but I don’t. On this day, I was avoiding it as much as possible. I was walking around the Mayan ruins in Tulum taking photos before the crowds showed up but it was brutally hot and humid. Even […]

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Classic Chevy Sleeping Dog

When I am out taking photos, I normally avoid shooting during the noon hours since the light is usually not the most ideal for good photography. But on this particular day, I ignored my own rules and was out shooting in the afternoon when I came upon this perfect photo opportunity. I had been walking […]

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