El Arbol del Tule

About 10km East of Oaxaca is the little town of Santa Maria del Tule. On the grounds of the local church is a 2,000 year old tree that has generated many legends. Known as the “Arbol del Tule”, the Zapotecs believe that it was originally planted by the Aztec god of rain. It measures an incredible 138 ft. in circumference. Wow, that’s like 30 people holding hands together around the tree. With its bark and branches contorting this way and that, locals have come to find different characters between its limbs. There is the deer, the jaguar, the elephant, the owl, and the hobbit house among others. Look at it closely and see how many you can spot.

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Vicki SypoltDecember 1, 2014 - 6:53 pm

Amazing !

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