La Catedral de Oaxaca

There is nothing quite like the captivating colors, sounds, and aromas of Oaxaca. When you travel here, it feels like being in a whole different country within Mexico. To start off, Oaxacan cuisine is quite different from other regions of Mexico. When was the last time you went into a Mexican restaurant and saw these on the menu: Tlayudas, estofado, tepache, or my favorite, quesadillas de flor de calabaza. Not to mention Oaxacan cheese and mole. When you visit some of the local villages, you will still find people dressed in traditional attire. And here in the main plaza, next to the cathedral, is probably one of the best places to experience it all. Sit back while you sip on a Oxacan hot chocolate and soak in all the ambience. Oh, and did I mention the food? Yuuuuummmmm.

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