Fiery Sky Over the Blue La Jolla Beach

I was in San Diego to take a post-processing class with a photographer whose work I have long admired, Elia Locardi. I learned some great Photoshopping techniques which I plan to implement from now on in my workflow. Check out his awesome work over at his web site: Blame The Monkey. After class, I headed over to nearby La Jolla for lunch. While I was there, I decided to stick around and wait for the sunset so I could shoot some photos. I was pretty inspired after seeing Elia’s awesome work. Thankfully the sunset did not disappoint. Now, the beaches in California are very beautiful but then you gaze out over a beach like La Jolla and it’s breathtaking. Imagine living in one of those houses and enjoying the sunset every night? I wonder if they might rent me out a spare couch?

Click photo for a big surprise

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Nadya's Side Of The RoadJune 5, 2013 - 1:43 am

I just love your style in photography. La Jolla looks so stunning!

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