The Greek Goddesses at Chapultepec Castle

Up in Chapultepec hill near downtown Mexico City is the famous Chapultepec Castle. Over the years, it’s been used as a the presidential palace, a military academy, and even as an observatory. These days, it’s the National Museum of History with beautiful paintings, gardens and many historical artifacts from Mexico’s long history. After wandering around all day  I was almost getting ready to leave when I saw a sign pointing to a room with stained glass windows. I decided to check it out and was amazed at what I found. Along this corridor, are multiple stained-glass windows of the Muses from Greek Mythology. Now I couldn’t find out why someone would create such an elaborate work of art dedicated to Greek Goddesses. No one I asked seemed to know either. I’m not complaining. It was one of my favorite exhibits within the castle.

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It was a little difficult taking a photo since I wasn’t allowed to use my tripod. I just leaned against a wall in the far end of corridor and shot away. I was hoping to photograph as much of the windows as possible. You can really appreciate the detail in windows if you zoom in on the photo. These windows are really a work of art.

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