Cuban Girl in A Fedora

The cobblestone streets of Old Havana are very photogenic and full of activity. You will find artisans selling their paintings, clothes, or just plain souvenirs. And the architecture is so colorful and eye catching. I was walking around taking photos when this pretty girl peaked out of her souvenir shop. I had been taking photos of the street and took one of her while I was at it, hoping she wouldn’t mind. On the contrary, she began posing for the camera. I don’t think I could get away with that in other parts of the world. In other Latin American countries, people would probably cover their face and giggle. In the USA they would probably throw a cup of hot coffee at me. But this girl just began looking off into the distance with her big sad eyes while playing with her hair. Maybe she saw the big fancy camera and thought I was some kind of hot-shot fashion photographer who was on the verge of discovering her. Well, I didn’t want to disappoint her. I only took 2 shots, smiled and turned to leave. She didn’t really acknowledge me. She just went back into the shop and continued to offer her souvenirs to passing tourists, just as before.

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