A Day in the Life

Whenever people ask me what it’s like to visit Havana, I’ll probably just show them this photo. It best represents how the city attacks your visual senses. If you look closely, this photo sums up a typical day in Havana. There is the obligatory classic Chevy that you’ll see driving throughout the city. All around are crumbling, yet architecturally beautiful, buildings from another era. And over there are the two “Compais” enjoying a beer and discussing baseball (trust me, they’re talking about baseball). The State Capitolio building in the distance represents the ever present government. The ladies leaning out the upper floor balcony calling out to their kids down below. And you’ll always see someone selling fruits and vegetable on a street corner out of a wooden crate. Oh, and how about that crain and pulley they use to send up the produce? Now there are some things missing (like the boys who always play baseball in the streets or the pretty Cuban girls gossiping about) but this pretty much covers it. A day in the life in Havana. Oh, and look up there…someone’s pink underwear.

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dj münchenMay 5, 2013 - 4:01 am

…i love it !

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