A Boy and his Birdcage

When I visited Trinidad, Cuba, I would always go for a morning walk and see what I would run into in this picturesque town. Like the classic American cars still driving through the streets or farmers on their horse carriages selling their produce on corner markets. Or this little guy. He was standing in the middle of the cobblestone street admiring his pet bird inside a cage. I thought it was such a quaint scene and snapped a quick photo. He looked at me a little embarrassed and ran off to hide behind his Mom who was standing nearby. I asked if I could have another photo and he bashfully declined as his Mom encouraged him on to allow me to take his picture. I thanked them both anyway and went on my way. Still, I quite enjoyed the way this photo came out. Makes me want to know what is the story behind the boy and the bird. I guess we’ll never know.

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