Cloudy Sky over Manila Dunes

I love all types of beaches. There is the calm Caribbean type with the clear blue waters where you just want to lounge around with a cold beverage in your hand. And then there those that are constantly in motion and Poseidon invites you in to challenge the powerful waves.  Then there is this type of beach.  It’s pretty desolate, the water is quite cold, and you have to put on some warm clothing if you are going to be walking around. This is where you go if you just want to sit around, listen to the sound of the waves, and contemplate life. Or also if you want to build a small, illegal, bonfire. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon walking your dog or letting your kids run loose. Before you know it, time has passed and you must head back to civilization. But not without the renewed energy from an awesome day at the beach.

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