Playa Akumal

What is it about a clear blue bondi beach that mesmerizes me? I think it all started in my childhood when my Dad would takes us to the beach at Lake Michigan during the muggy Chicago summers. And then as an adult, I have enjoyed the various beaches throughout Southern California. In my various travels, I usually lean toward destinations that have a nice beach to enjoy. There has been Copacobana in Rio, Santorini in Greece, and numerous white sandy beaches up and down the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.  But I have found that most people have certain preferences when it comes to the terrain they enjoy the most whether it be mountain, beach, desert, or snow. What about you? Are you a mountain person, a beach person, a desert person? I am definitely a beach person. Anyway, gotta go. The cervezas are getting warm and I still have to go snorkeling.

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