The Romantic Sunset

Last night we were treated to the most spectacular sunset so far this year in Southern California. We hardly ever get rain in the L.A. area, especially in July. So when I peeked outside and saw the blanket of clouds throughout the southland, I figured this might be a nice photo opportunity. I headed out to one of my favorite locations (the Griffith Observatory) hoping to catch some nice shots. As I was getting out of my car, I could not believe the glorious colors that were illuminating the evening sky. I quickly dashed up the stairs, shoved past the tourists, and quickly set up my camera and tripod before the colors were gone. I was so focused on capturing the sunset that it wasn’t until I returned home and reviewed my photos that I noticed a couple on the ledge enjoying a quiet romantic moment. If I had noticed them earlier, I would have asked for their info in case they wanted a copy of the photo for posterity. So if you were on a date at the Griffith Observatory on July 18, hit me up and share your story. Unless, of course, you don’t want to be found out since your weren’t supposed to be there to begin with. Ahh, forbidden love…so romantic.

Click photo for a big surprise. You definitely want to see this one full-screen

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