The Church of the Holy Trinity

I was in the colonial town of Trinidad, Cuba for a few days and each day, my routine was pretty much the same. I would get up early to go for a walk prior to the mid-day heat and then in the evening I would enjoy some live Cuban music up the steps in the open air bar that sets up nightly next to this church. This happens to be the largest church in all of Cuba. It is almost 200 years old and was built on the site of a previous church that had been there since the 1600’s. According to legend, there is a wooden statue of Christ that was destined for Veracruz, Mexico but never made it due to bad weather, divine intervention or both. There were three attempts at making the trip but all three times the ships would ultimately be forced to turn back. Someone finally got the hint that maybe this statue was never meant to leave and it found its permanent home inside this church. That’s funny, cause I also tried leaving Trinidad for three days straight and kept missing my bus. But divine intervention had nothing to do with it…more like devilish hangover.

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