Mama Bear and Flapjack

I love hiking. It’s healthy, adventurous, and you get to discover the wonderful sights found in nature. Like this place up in the Redwood forest. It is a little roadside attraction named the Trees of Mystery. As you drive along the 101 FWY near Klamath, you’ll see a gigantic 50 ft. statue of Paul Bunyan and his ox Babe. Inside you can hike throughout the forest and discover strange trees growing in all sorts of odd shapes and directions. Maybe the fact that they have been there for 1000+ years has something to do with it. Also, there is a tram ride up to an observation deck where you can enjoy a view of the Redwoods all the way out to the Pacific Ocean. But my favorite attractions were actually the many wood carvings scattered throughout the park. As I was winding down my hike, I came upon this Mama Bear and her cub. She had this look that said “Thanks for visiting. Do you have any scraps of food or should I just eat you instead?”

Click photo for a big surprise

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