Evening Twilight Over Los Angeles

I went out shooting with a group of photographers in downtown Los Angeles and they picked a great spot that I was unfamiliar with. Right on the corner of Olive and 8th is the 100+ year old Commercial Exchange Building which has some nice views of the downtown skyline. Also, I had never noticed the different colors of the LA streets down below. The building has been vacant for many years and nowadays the only people that visit it are photographers, taggers and the homeless. We ran into a couple of photographers filming from the rooftop and a homeless guy with a bicycle who claimed that he had set up booby traps to keep out intruders. I took this photo while leaning over a creaky fire escape that feels like it’s ready to come crashing down at any moment. Normally, I am not afraid of heights but this time I was happy to get back inside where the homeless guy was.

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