The Sun Rises Over La Habana

I had heard prior to my arrival in La Habana that the waves had been crashing onto the Malecón (seawall) with much more force than usual. So naturally, on my first day in the city, I awoke before dawn to trek out along the 8 km long Malecón looking for some good photo opportunities. Sure enough, the waves did not disappoint.  They were colliding mightily against the Malecón, rising up 2-3 meters and splashing out onto Maceo Avenue. A couple of times, as I was setting up to take a photo, I would have to dash out to the avenue to avoid getting drenched. Lucky for me, there were hardly any cars out at this time of the day. Or people either. Just the occasional fisherman standing atop the wall hoping for an early catch. But we were all fortunate to witness a glorious sunrise over the Morro castle. What a great way to start the day.

Click photo for a big surprise

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