Midnight Drive

It’s tough to get a good photo of the Los Angeles skyline when no one will allow you in any of the buildings. I was trying to get access after work hours to a rooftop at some of the downtown buildings but was not having any luck. Unless you work in a particular building or have special clearance, you will not be allowed in. The security folks at the front desk had no consideration for my artistic endeavors. There are many points around the city where you can admire the LA skyscrapers but I had already photographed them previously. This time, I was hoping to get a photo up close and personal. But it was not to be. The anti-creatives would prevent my artistic vision from being realized. Dejected, I got in my car and drove away. But not before I pulled over and took this photo from the sunroof of my car. I vowed that the next time, I will be taking photos from the sun decks of their rooftop pools. Count on it.

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