The Sun Sets on Hollywood

One of the many activities to enjoy around the Los Angeles area are the hiking trails in the surrounding mountains. Of these, one of the most popular and hardest to get to is the trail leading up to Mt. Hollywood and its fabled Hollywood sign. It is located in a residential neighborhood and some of the locals are not to keen on people parking in the very narrow streets to go hiking or take photos of the sign. If you zoom in to the photo, right next to the “Y”, you can make out the unwelcoming greeting to visitors written in chalk on the ground. After the grueling 45 minute hike up to the sign, you are treated to a spectacular view of the Hollywood hills, Griffith Park Observatory and downtown Los Angeles. Did you know there is a lake right smack in the middle of Hollywood? And a pet friendly park popular with locals. While you can dismiss the homeowners complaints and go about your hike, be careful about jumping the fence to get up close to the iconic letters. It is monitored by security cameras and the letters themselves have speakers mounted on them. If you get too close, the speakers will warn you to leave the premises and don’t be surprised if a police helicopter follows.

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