The Roosevelt at Night

There is a big difference between exploring a city during the day and again late at night. You suddenly see things at night that you would never expect to see during the day. In downtown Los Angeles, driving during the day can be a maddening experience with all the traffic and noise. But once the sun goes down and most of the traffic heads back to the San Fernando Valley, it’s like being in a completely different city. The movies “Drive” and “Collateral” captured the mood of LA at night quite well.

I was driving down Flower St. one night and came to a stop at a red light on 7th. As I was sitting there waiting for the light to turn green, I felt a bright glow of warm colors emanating from the building to my left. I turned to look and the saw the whole building cycling through a prism of reds, violets and purples. I was so taken with the glowing colors I didn’t notice the stop-light turn green until the cars behind me started honking and waving at me with one finger. So I pulled over and began setting up to take some pics. That’s when I noticed a couple of other cool things I would never see during the day. Like that giant statue lying mummy style atop the building ledge. And check out the old lady with the monster cigar in her mouth. From now on, when I travel, I think I will only go shooting at night. Much more interesting.

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