Thunder Clouds in Santa Monica

Many people complain about living in Southern California, but I prefer to look at the positives. Yea, the traffic sucks, there are not enough open spaces, real estate is expensive, and the traffic sucks. But then you get a glorious sunset pretty much every night which can help you forget all the bad stuff. Now, a funny thing is that there are hardly ever any clouds in the sky here. Believe me, I check every day. One day, I was driving around downtown with my little boy late in the afternoon when these amazing clouds started forming in the distance. I turned to my son and said “Want to go to the beach?” “Mmmm, ok” was his response and off we went. We darted onto the 10 fwy and headed west toward Santa Monica hoping to arrive before sunset. I shot photos for about an hour and by this time he was becoming anxious to go over to the amusement park at the pier. He thought I was only going to take one photo and instead I kept saying “One more picture and then we’ll leave.” We don’t get these type of clouds often. And the colors in the sky this evening were cinematic. When the sun finally set, I gathered my gear and said “Ok buddy, let’s go.” Since he was such a trooper, I let him get on all the rides twice. Then we each got a caramel apple on a stick, drove onto the dreaded SoCal traffic, and went home.

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