The Majestic Grand Canyon

Majestic….there really is no other word to describe the Grand Canyon is there? Maybe they should just change the name to The Majestic Canyon. Much more poetic. Even after seeing numerous photos and postcards, it is still mesmerizing when you first lay eyes upon it. As you stand there admiring it all, you wonder if God took a brush one day and just started painting a la Monet. But be warned. The downside is that as you look out over the canyon you will begin to feel tiny and insignificant in the big scheme of things.

I have visited the Grand Canyon three times and can’t wait to return. If possible, I suggest visiting both in the summer and the winter. The summer allows for trekking down to the river below and admiring the canyon from a completely different perspective. The winter has less crowds and beautiful snow falling everywhere. Whichever time you go, the power of Mother Nature is sure to impress. And to think that at one time all this was underwater. Majestic indeed.

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