Hiding in the Redwoods

There is a nice little college town up in Northern California named Arcata. On one side of town is a bay but on the other side are thousands of acres of Redwood forest. In the winter, the mountains get packed with snow that melt in the spring and fill their rivers and streams with some of the cleanest fresh water you will find anywhere. And it goes straight to your faucet, too. No need to buy those 5 gallon containers with filtered water. After I took a shower, my hair was soft and fluffy like in those shampoo commercials.  Whenever I shower in L.A., my hair feels like a scrub sponge.

Anyhoo, I was visiting my sister and she took the whole family on a nice hike into the forest with its amazing trees that go on forever. She mentioned that homeless kids will sometimes set up camp up here. Apparently, the cops in town are pretty rough on them so they head for the forest. Can’t say I blame them. It’s beautiful up here.

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