Closing Time at the Disney Hall

Los Angeles has many popular destinations, but as a long time SoCal native, my personal favorites are the Griffith Observatory and the Disney Concert Hall. So next time you are in Los Angeles, make it a point to visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall located downtown. It really is quite a site to behold. The celebrated architect, Frank Ghery, designed it and it is now one of the city’s most iconic buildings. They offer 45 minute tours but you can just walk around and admire the twisted curves of the stainless steel exterior. I wonder what Ghery was attempting with the design. Is the building supposed to represent a blooming flower or sails on a ship? And what do those have to do with music anyway? Whatever his intent was, I admire the bold creativity. It’s interesting that the project was close to being suspended halfway through construction due to lack of funds. In the end, some of LA’s most powerful citizens came together and saved the day.

I was surprised how many other people were also photographing the building this evening since a show had just ended. When all the attendees had finally left, a couple of security guys came out and told us all we had to leave. We had been hanging out like groupies after a rock concert. While they shooed everyone away, I put my earphones on and pretended not to hear them. When I saw them approaching me, I took my last shot and walked away. This was the shot.

Click photo for a big surprise

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Roberto CurielNovember 14, 2011 - 11:23 pm

Really like the way you capture the shadows and shapes great picture. Let me know when you’re going shooting again. I’d like to join you.

MarieNovember 16, 2011 - 5:29 pm

I pass by the Disney Hall on my way to work every day but I have never been to a performance there. Looks great at night. Great photo of a beautiful building.

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