Thank You Steve

Here’s to the crazy ones…

I only ran into Steve Jobs once.  We were both driving into the Apple parking lot and we almost had a traffic altercation since we tried driving in at the same time.  He won.  From what I have read about him, I don’t know if I would have related to him on a personal level.  I had read all the stories about his difficult temper back in the early days.  But boy did I admire him and his many accomplishments. When he died this week, I felt such a huge sense of loss. It was like a punch in the gut, as if a close relative had died.  All day long I just kept thinking over and over that he died too young.  Maybe I was just being selfish.

Just a couple of days after Steve’s passing, I was at a children’s park in Hollywood with my little boy. As we were leaving, I saw this mural and immediately pulled over. I took a few pictures including some with my son & myself.  All he knows is that this is the man who invented the iPhone & the iPad on which he plays his favorite games.  He said to me that when he is bigger, he is also going to make cool games for everyone to play with.  As Steve Jobs would say: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

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Alexis HernandezNovember 19, 2011 - 12:44 am

Cool tribute to a great man. And I love the story about your son.

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